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  • Cast your spells with each puff on our crystal ball bong. With each inhale, the ball with fill with smoke
  • Features a shower-head percolator for superior smoke filtration
  • Ball Material: Glass (The entire inside of the bong is made with glass, so you are only smoking out of glass)
  • Base Material: Resin (Base is not detachable)
  • Includes 14mm male bowl
  • 5 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide
  • You can purchase a replacement bowl here
  • Intended for tobacco use only

  • How do I use this piece? Just like any bong. The bowl is removable and the mouthpiece is a small hole directly behind the bowl. This piece has been tested to ensure complete functionality
  • How much water do I need?  1-2 inches, just make sure the water completely covers the shower-head percolator
  • How do I clean this piece? Check out the below video

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Tyler Kelly


    Michael B.
    I love to ponder this orb (unsolicited cleaning tips)

    This bong is simply incredible, easily my new favorite by a lot.

    That being said there is one thing that I was worried about when purchasing this... cleaning
    I am so happy to say it's simply not a problem. There is a YouTube video on this page that shows you a way to clean this but I'm sorry to say nobody has time to follow the directions as shown.
    Please do yourself a favor and when you're draining the inside of the orb do not stand there and wait for minutes holding it upside down. Just blow through the mouth hole. It may get a bit messy, and you may get a taste of your preferred cleaner but it's gonna be so much quicker for the bulk of the draining. Use that saved time to rinse out a few more times just to be sure all that cleaner is gone.
    Speaking of cleaner, with the recommended amount of isopropyl used in the video, you should instead buy a dedicated glass cleaner. You can use much less volume and probably save yourself some money. A lot of the glass cleaner formulas on the market today also come with a water-soluble grit component like salt and require no time to soak another time saver.

    Melissa Barna
    This is my new favorite piece

    Not only is it adorable, it's so smooth. And fun to smoke out of! Happy witch!

    Charity Hamlett

    Super cute and way better quality than i was expecting. I feel like cleaning instructions would be good tho.

    Jess Epstein

    I love it so much it’s perfect