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This bong features swirled glass that extends throughout the entire length of the bong. And an iridescent finish allows the swirls to catch the light and reflect all the colors of the rainbow.

Built-in ice catcher .

Ships with everything you need to start smoking, downstem and 14mm Male Bowl/Slide included. 

Now available in 2 sizes. Select 12" for a medium sized bong and 16" for a large sized bong. Look at all the photos to see the size in the hand.

Made of heavy and durable borosilicate glass.

Intended for tobacco use

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Gorgeous Piece - Rainbows Everywhere

Beautifully crafted. The sun hitting this piece is art in itself. Stable, thick glass. Beautiful!

jess akers
stunning. obsessed. everything.

it casts rainbows of light everywhere around it, it’s thicker glass than I expected and the twisting even happens on the bottom! It is my
precious baby now and i will definitely be buying from these guys again!!

Morgan Pfaff
Gorgeous Piece

Absolutely stunning bong!! It's beautiful and makes the prettiest colors in the sunlight. The shipping was super fast and the bong was wrapped extremely carefully. Like a lot of reviews said, the bowl that comes with it is pretty small. But the stem was perfectly compatible with my bowls at home so i just swapped it out for a bigger one! Highly recommend!

Jessica E
Such a lovely piece

It's hard to tell online if you're getting a thin glass piece or something that's actually going to be beautiful in person- this guy hits all the points! An ice catch, deep bowl head and thick glass. I purchased the diamond bowl head to give it an extra pop of girly, the piece is stunning and will highly recommend to anyone who is looking for one

DeziRae Short
Cutest Bong Ever

It arrived so quickly, in the safest packaging! It made it all the way here without any glass breaking! The bong is so pretty even not in direct sun light, I bought the pink bowl piece to go with and I love them both!