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High there! I'm Amanda, creator and owner of Canna Style. I smoked weed for fun when I was young, but re-discovered this amazing plant again in my mid-30s as a way to help manage my anxiety, insomnia and overall mental health.
I was working in fashion in New York City when I re-discovered cannabis and was surprised at the lack of modern and stylish products for smoking. I found it frustrating that products looked like cartoons and had no feminine touch, so I set out to create what I couldn't find. Since that time, I have designed some of my own pieces which you can find in our Canna Style Exclusives. Additionally, I spend countless hours searching high and low to bring some very cool smoking pieces from other artists to you. 
If you haven't already, please join me on Instagram @cannastyle.
I'm a one-woman show, running Canna Style out of my apartment in Astoria, New York. From packing all your orders, designing new products and managing social media, Canna Style keeps my hands full. 
I hope that you find something special on Canna Style that you will treasure each time you smoke. I believe the objects we use to smoke should be loved, treasured and elevate your sesh!
~a puff from me to you
xo, Amanda


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