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Hello! I'm Amanda, creator and owner of Canna Style. I smoked weed for fun when I was young, but re-discovered this beautiful plant again in my mid-30s as a way to help manage my anxiety, insomnia and overall mental health.

I was working in fashion in New York City when I re-discovered cannabis and was surprised at the lack of modern and stylish products for smoking. I became tired of looking at these carton-ish products and decided to set out to create what I had been wanting to find. Since that time, I have designed some of my own pieces which you can find in our Canna Style Exclusives. Additionally, many fashion forward smoking accessory brands have launched and I have curated an assortment of some of the best in my shop to share with all of you. 

I also found that I have a knack for social media, mainly through my creation of relatable memes and quotes. If you haven't already, please join me on Instagram at @cannastyle.

I run Canna Style out of my apartment I share with my husband in Astoria, New York. I'm still a one-woman show (aside a little help from my husband Raj). I hope that you find something special on Canna Style that you will treasure each time you smoke. I believe the tools we use to smoke should be loved, treasured and elevate your sesh.



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