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Let the High Preistess and her cat accompany you at the next sesh with this Tarot Card Ashtray. 

The meaning of the High Priestess is related with inner knowledge. Her appearance in a reading can signify that it is time for you to listen to your intuition rather than prioritizing your intellect and conscious mind. When the High Priestess shows up it can depict an archetype known as the divine feminine - the mysterious female that understands and holds the answers to the deep unknowns; religion, self, nature. She represents someone that is intuitive, and beginning to open to her or his spirituality. Meditation, prayer and new spiritual work is indicated. 

Made of heavy weight porcelain, features 4 cigarette grooves. 

Size: 5" long x 4"wide. 

Dishwasher safe. 

Customer Reviews

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I gave it as a gift to one of my close friends and she just can not stop bragging about how much she loves it and how sturdy it is. She has confessed that she has dropped it and it just hasn't broken on her. Everything that I have bought from here has not disappointed me at all. Can't wait to buy another one for me soon.

Briana Pantoja
Very good quality!

This ashtray is very good quality! It’s thick porcelain that seems extremely sturdy and durable. I’m thinking it will hold up for quite a long time honestly. The shipping was really fast I think I waited only three days after purchase to receive it. The only thing I’d say is wrong with this ashtray is the image of the high priestess is decent but a bit distorted. Seems like it was a bit compressed but nothing too crazy and hardly noticeable at all. Overall I have no qualms with the thing. Everything I’ve bought here was always so good.

Lesly Batista

So beautiful

Mariela Minor


Destinie Vincent
The High Priestess Ashtray

This is the first ashtray I’ve ever bought and I love it! It is the perfect size and I’ve already gotten a lot of compliments on it!