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A $87 dollar value + free priority mail shipping in the USA!

This set includes:

🎃 Glass Pumpkin Bong, 4 inches wide x 6.5 inches tall

 🎃 Jack-O'-Lantern debowler Ashtray, glows in the dark

 🎃  8 Pack of Halloween Cones

 🎃 Mini Halloween Rolling Tray 7x5 inches

 🎃 Jack-O'-Lantern mini stash container

Cardboard box with a cute Pumpkin sticker on it :) We put it in a white envelope so it ships discreetly. 

Bong intended for tobacco use 

Customer Reviews

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jenn Barrett

WHY has no one else reviewed this yet? SO glad I watch Chrissy Harless (have fir FOREVER! =]) & as usual took her advice- she loves Spooky Season as much as I do!! & I am SO HAPPY she intro'd me to you Ladies! I've been very limited on (&VERY CHOOSY!) about my Halloween (or any!) glassware choices. Branched out a wee bit this year with you! I ADORE the sturdy little pumpkin- the PERFECT addition, glass, de-bowler(ashtray) / AND the mini-container! (I made the added BONUS of the sticker off the shipping box! Was able to peel it in one piece- reusable- & get it on some "cooking parchment paper" to save until I figure out where to put it PERMANENTLY!! =]
Then the other other pieces:
*The cones- THANK YOU for those! This idiot STILL can't "roll"- so I HAVE to use "cones" or glassware! I HATE being FORCED to get "wraps" in my boxes >=/ - feels like I'm wasting my $$! Plus these are too adorbz!! I'm getting more++ !!(USUALLY stick with the the ones that have a "tree" in their title.. May have to learn to mix it up a bit now !! LOL!! ( even my SON liked them!! & HE prefers to vape!! =] )
*Your tray is the PERFECTLY PERFECT right size! Usually the ones you get in "subscription" boxes are the minis- NOPE!! =] This is a nice, sturdy mid-sized HALLOWEEN THEMED(!!!!) one.
* I ALMOST didn't see the extra 2 stickers- found them as I was repackaging the box for use later! Such original & beautiful artwork! Where on your site can we find past ones? Might you EVER consider making them into pins? (I ADORE collecting pins & stickers!)
* I THINK(?) the last piece is the "stem". ULTRA long!- Well finished on the end (not ragged or sharp & again, STURDY! I've never owned or used such a long piece, so this should be a fun learning experience!! *chuckle!!*
Hope I've covered everything in the box!
Everyone - grab this box & to all- ENJOY HAVE A SPOOKY & WONDERFUL HALLOWEEN SEASON!!