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CELESTIAL BONG (glow in the dark)


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This bong is adorned with hand-painted stars and moons. Painted with gold and blue (glow in the dark) 3-dimensional patterns. Painting will not fade and can withstand cleaning.

10" tall and 1 lb. Made of thick 5mm glass. 

Built in ice-catcher. 

You can clean this bong like any glass piece, such as with Isopropyl and salt. 

Ready to use right out of the box, includes clear down-stem and 14mm male  bowl/slide.

Intended for tobacco use.

Customer Reviews

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Really high quality paint job, came out exactly as it looks on the website!

Glowing with Beauty

This bong is the cutest! I named her Celeste because of her gorgeous design. Rips very nicely, the only thing I wish was different was the bowl. I wish it came with a more unique bowl, I'm thinking about pairing it with the cloud bowl you guys sell or the clear diamond one. I think the current bowl is too basic for this hand-painted beauty. But other than that, it is honestly amazing and superrrr cute! I thought it was going to be a little bigger (I didn't read the description when I bought it because I wanted it and didn't really care how big it was LOL). I actually love its size though, it's super adorable and when it's glowing in the dark I just get so happy. It is such a vibe. 10/10. I definitely recommend.


Love this bong!!! Perfect size to carry around the house, and the glass is thick enough to be sturdy !! Recommending this piece to everyone!

Paige Nordman

I love this bong so much. Small and light weight but still a good size. The design is beautiful
Docked 1 star because I haven’t seen it glow in the dark at all which kinda is a bummer. Still excellent though

Hello! You need to charge the 'glow' effect for it to work.. Just hold it under a light bulk for a minute or so and it should glow. :)

Beautiful Work of Art

Not only is this a beautiful piece, the shipping was quick and secure! I bought it as a gift and they absolutely loved it!