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This bong features swirled glass that extends throughout the entire length of the bong. And an iridescent finish allows the swirls to catch the light and reflect all the colors of the rainbow.

Built-in ice catcher .

Ships with everything you need to start smoking, downstem and 14mm Male Bowl/Slide included. 

Now available in 2 sizes. Select 12" for a medium sized bong and 16" for a large sized bong. Look at all the photos to see the size in the hand.

Made of heavy and durable borosilicate glass.

Intended for tobacco use

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Most Beautiful Bong I’ve Ever Seen

The Iridescent Swirl Beaker Bong is hands down the prettiest thing I’ve seen in my entire life. Amazing quality glass, and great size. Hits extremely well

Zachary S.
5 Star Product ♡

I ordered the 16" on the 7th and it arrived on the 14th!!! Fast shipping and I am out of the country!

Not only that, but the packaging is discrete so no worries about judgment from neighbors 😂, and a warning sticker inside to ensure you do not damage any separate parts of the product.

I immediately was stunned by the design of the glass, as it looked even more beautiful in person! It came with a bowl and downstem, and is perfect for those who use ice for their sesh ♡

(I am now storing in my windowsill before first use as a suncatcher and it works well 😅)

Worth your purchase!!! ♡♡♡

love it!!!

it looks absolutely beautiful and is way bigger in person than thought. loving the way it hits and doesn’t seem like a hassle to clean either!

Faith Malizzi
so cute!!!

such nice quality glass and hits perfect 🥰🥰 my new favorite bong

Nellda Clark
Beautiful & Smooth

I love this bong, I put off buying it for a while and then it went out of stock. When I finally bought it, I was SO excited and it was SO worth it. Gets dirty pretty easily especially seeing that it’s essentially clear, but it cleans up well and is still pretty when it’s nasty.