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Let the groovy vibes flow at your next sesh with this cool retro-inspired Lava Lamp Bong or Rig. Made of clear and green glass, featuring cute multi-colored 3D hearts "floating" inside. It's a bong built to spread peace and love.

Built-in percolator for superior smoke filtration.

Stands at 9" tall.

Ships with everything you need to start smoking, 14mm Male Bowl/Slide included for Bong orders, or Banger included for Rig orders. 

 Intended for tobacco use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Bailey St Clair

My boyfriend got this for me for my birthday in December. Is has survived multiple drops and tip-overs. My bowl broke because my cat knocked it over and will be placing a new order to replace it soon. Very strong glass and it’s adorable and easy to clean. Love this piece!

This bong was nice before it broke :(

Don’t let the title deceive you, I love this bong. In the few months I had it, it gave the smoothest hits and had the funkiest look. I’d guess it’s because of the heart shapes twirling the smoke up…? Idk high thoughts. Anyways the heart piece in the center broke off meeting it’s “risky to use” demise. Now I must ponder the loss of my lava lamp and search for another, sturdier beckon of hope.

Megan Lowe
Adorable and Fun to use

The hole where smoke comes out took a moment to get used to. But I love to use it and it looks cute on my coffee table

Fav Smoke Shop Site

This rig has more than met my expectations, it is a great size and an easy to handle shape. I was worried it wouldn’t be comfortable when holding to hit, but the shape is actually perfect! Hitting it is also very smooth and hasn’t been super harsh for me so far. The nail definitely needs a couple terp pearls, but it’s so cute and functional :))))

Fiona Thompson

This but pink