Y2K Celebs: The Cute Bongs & Pipes WE Think They’d Smoke With

Y2K Celebs: The Cute Bongs & Pipes WE Think They’d Smoke With

Nineties babies are officially grown up. Whether you’re a younger Millennial born in 90-96’ or  an elder Gen Z member from 97-99’ you’re likely out of school and/or working like a full-ass adult. Not only have nineties babies grown up, but so have our idols. Today’s kids will just never understand the rush of seeing your favorite celeb on MTV or the very early days of YouTube. Remember trying to load videos with dial-up internet? Yikes! And trying to smoke back then? Forget it. It was either a carved out apple, a toxic water bottle bong, or a novelty pipe if you were brave enough to go into Spencer’s at the mall.

In honor of our favorite celebrities from a bygone decade, we’re counting down what pieces & papers WE think they’d enjoy from our collection…

1. Mariah Carey - Floral Butterfly Vase Bong


Source: PopSugar

There’s little more iconic from the Y2K era than Mariah Carey’s butterfly top, of course paired with low-rise flare jeans. We think she’d love this Floral Butterfly Vase Bong. Imagine hitting a bowl with Mariah back in the day with this cute bong.

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2. Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie - $100 Bill Cones & Blue Designer Bong

Blue Glow in the Dark Designer Bong Paris Hilton Nicole Richie the Simple Life
Source: Refinery29
Paris & Nicole used to grace our screens in their hit MTV Show: Simple Life. Who could forget the iconic moments from the show like when Paris didn’t know what Walmart was or tried making bacon on an iron (P.S. If you haven’t watched her documentary on Youtube yet… you’re missing out). We know both of our girls loved their luxury & designer brands so we matched them with our boujie-est bong and papers for all of our high-maintenance baddies. Check out these: Designer Bong (glow-in-the-dark) & Benjamin $100 Dollar Bill Cones (8-pack).
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Designer Bong (glow-in-the-dark)

3. Jessica Simpson - Gumball Rig

Gumball Rig Cute Bong Jessica Simpson Bubble Gum Desert Treats
Source: Tumblr
Jessica Simpson was and still is known for her plethora of branded products across store shelves. One of her most iconic brands she lent her persona to were “Dessert Treats” - a line of dessert flavored and scented cosmetics and body products that would have you licking your lipgloss off by noon. One of the most popular scents was “Bubble Gum” - so we chose this Bubble Gum Rig for Jessica. Inside you’ll find glass “bubble gum” pieces that move when you smoke. Choose from a bubbly pink or deep turquoise. Gloss on the bong? Sorry, it’s Dessert Treats.
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4. Christina Aguilera - Iridescent Swirl Beaker Bong

Iridescent 16 inch Swirl Beaker Cute Bong Christina Aguilera Scarf Top Silver Blue
Source: MTV
X-tina was the “bad-girl” of the pop divas in the 2000s. When she released her music video for Dirrty it cemented her as someone who pushed the boundaries in pop music. We think Christina would love taking a rip from this cute Iridescent Swirl Beaker Bong. Flashy, larger than life - all things we associate with X-tina.
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5. Lindsay Lohan - Sunflower Pipe

Sunflower Smoking Pipe Bowl Cute Lindsay Lohan Pipe Sunflower

Source: Twitter (center), Pinterest (right)
These two photos of the lovable child star turned pop-princess sealed the deal. Lindsay had her fair share of photos made public of her smoking through her teens and twenties. We thought we’d give Lindsay an update to her simple spoon pipe inspired by her past with our Sunflower Pipe.
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6. Cameron Diaz - Hand-Painted Strawberry Bong

hand painted strawberry beaker bong cute bong cameron diaz red y2k

Source: CR Style Book
Cameron Diaz was THE 90s cool girl next door. Her simple, sleek and sexy style made her an icon for us growing up. Fun Fact: she went to high school with Snoop Dogg. She even bought flower from him. Snoop Dogg backed the story up, too. What says “the high school girl next door” more than this cute Hand Painted Strawberry Bong? The bright red is for sure Diaz’s signature color. Maybe Snoop wants to come over and share a bowl?
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7. Destiny's Child - Colorful Heart-Shaped Bongs with Diamond Bowl

Cute Bongs Heart-Shaped Green Pink Lavender Bongs Diamond Bowl Destiny's Child Y2K Matching Outfits

Source: Who What Wear
It’s hard to imagine pop music today without the contributions from Destiny’s Child. Their songs are still in rotation on our smoke sesh playlist today. Iconic doesn’t begin to encompass these ladies. Our favorite girl group LOVED matching but different co-ord outfits. This blinged out matching set with the girls immediately reminded us of our heart bongs and all of the fun colors they come in: pink, red, green, blue, and lavender. Buy one for yourself and match coordinating colors with your besties like the ladies of Destiny’s Child. Next level of friendship unlocked. Add some bling with our diamond bowl, too.
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(Heart Bongs)
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(Diamond Bowl)

8. Hilary Duff - Lava Lamp Bong

Lava Lamp Bong Cute Bong Lizzie McGuire Hilary Duff Y2K
Source: We Heart It

If you grew up watching Disney Channel in the early 2000s you probably LOVED Lizzie McGuire. The outfits were everything we wanted to wear, Lizzie and Miranda were the best friends we wanted to have, and everyone knew a Gordo in their friend group. We read this story about Hilary Duff putting her neighbor on blast for the smoking smell wafting over from his apartment in New York. Yikes! Chillout, Lizzie. We thought Hillary might enjoy relaxing at the end of the day from this Lava Lamp Bong that looks like it would fit right in in grown-up Lizzie McGuire’s room.

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9. Missy Elliot - Unbreakable Galaxy Bong

unbreakable silicone glow in the dark bong missy elliot pink track suit

Source: Vice

Missy Elliot is nothing short of a fashion icon. From the 90s and 2000s to today - she has pioneered street wear fashion and gender-bent fashion, often wearing more masculine outfits in new and different ways. We thought she’d love this glow in the dark Unbreakable Galaxy Bong. You can put it down, flip it, and reverse it, this cute bong is made from FDA silicone material so it will never break! Perfect for the clumsy stoner friends among us.

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10. Britney Spears - The Celestial Drop

celestial collection crystal pipe bowl tarot card rolling tray grinder cones britney spears y2k

Source: Billboard

We saved the most iconic Y2K celeb for last - the pop princess herself, Miss Britney Jean Spears. We’d like to use this opportunity to officially announce Canna Style as a pro #FreeBritney business. Congrats to Brit for fighting her conservatorship and finally becoming a free woman! We wish her nothing but the best in her new chapter.

You might not know that Britney had the power of crystals and celestial beings on her side. The pop star has posted she is a fan of Judy Hall’s “The Crystal Bible” and has started her own collection during quarantine. We think Britney would be a HUGE fan of our collection - THE CELESTIAL DROP. For all of you witchy girls in touch with your inner priestess - this one's for you. If you check their Co-Star whenever you meet someone new - this one’s for you. If you consult tarot cards before making any big life decisions - this one’s for you.

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We are absolutely living for the resurgence in Y2K style and trends. Whether you were a teen or adult rocking these trends in the 90s and 2000s and you get to break out your old bare midriff tops and low rise pants - or you’re a member of the Gen Z generation getting to play with these trends for the first time - HAVE FUN! Canna Style is here to support your self-expression and style. We hope reminiscing about some of our fav Y2K celebs and their soul-bongs/pipes gave you a little inspiration. Happy smoking!

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