Bongs and Pipes You NEED Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Bongs and Pipes You NEED Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Looking for a smoking accessory to match your star-sign? We’ve got you covered. Canna Style has cute bongs for every zodiac sign. Check out our picks and add something that compliments you cosmically. 

Aries - Hand Painted Rose Bong

girly rose bong aries girl ram


The fieriest of the fire signs, you feel your emotions like a flame - quick, hot, and sometimes just as flighty as the strike of a match. Some may find this intimidating, but your emotions can be your greatest asset when you channel them into action. Just like you, roses represented a guarded beauty. With delicate petals and thorny stems, this Hand-Painted Rose Bong matches an Aries perfectly. Gold border embellishments add to the romantic aesthetic of the glass piece, which the feisty Aries is sure to love. 

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Taurus - Hand Painted Mushroom Bong

cute girly hand painted mushroom bong taurus girl bull zodiac

Taurus… Taruruses… Tauri? Friends trust you to give them a balanced perspective when they come to you for advice. Your sign is represented by the bull, strong and steady. You are a salt of the earth, grounded being. When we think of Taurus we think of the earthy, friendly mushroom. If any sign is obsessed with mycology… it’s a Taurus. Light a bowl while you watch Fantastic Fungi on Netflix after a long week of being the reliable friend of the group.

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Gemini - Double Bowl Cherry Pipe

girly cherry double bowl pipe gemini girls twins zodiac


Ah… the twins. Geminis can get a bad reputation for being hard to handle, flighty, two-faced. But let us go on record, this is a pro-Gemini blog. Geminis are loyal friends and the perfect “social-anxiety exposure therapy.” They’ll chat up anyone on public transportation, standing in line, at the dog park - their enthusiasm for life and living is enviable. Celebrate the duality of your personality with this adorable cherry double-bowl pipe. No one knows better than Gemini - two is better than one!

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Cancer - Tripping Daisies Bong

Tripping Daises Bong with Yin Yang Smileys Cancer Lobster Crab Girl Zodiac Canna Style


Oh, sweet Cancer. Your heart is so full and fragile. Cancers are water signs and ruled by the moon, making their shifts in emotions just as powerful as the Moon’s influence on the tides. Cancers seek comfort in all things plush, warm, and pretty. They are the sign of plushies, warm blankets, and soft lighting. They need a bong that can bring them comfort at the end of a long day as they snuggle into bed. What’s better than smiles and rainbows and flowers? Channel positive energy with this Smiley Yin-Yang Rainbow Daisy Bong. Good vibes are sure to follow after lighting a bowl with this bong! 

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Leo - 16" Mushroom Bong (Glow-in-the-Dark)

Girly 16" MUSHROOM BONG (glow in the dark) Leo Lion Mane Zodiac Girl


Lovely Leos! At your best, you’re the life of the party, bringing love and light to everyone around you. At your worst you may be guilty of hogging the spotlight for yourself. Leos are a fire sign ruled by the sun and represented by the lion. So imagine a beautiful fiery, glowing sun-Lion. That’s how a Leo sees themselves and (more importantly) wants others to see them. If a Leo is going to have a bong, it is going to be the biggest, flashiest bong they can find. What’s the point of having it if they can’t whip it out at a party to impress all of their friends? This 16” giant, glow-in-the-dark mushroom bong has everything going for it. Flashy, giant, and unique - everything a Leo could want!

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Virgo - Heart Bong 2.0

heart bong 2.0 red heart with roses girly bong virgo venus goddess zodiac girl

Virgos are the signs of order and perfection. They’re the sign who will straighten photos and dust the windowsills when they’re a guest in someone else's home. And they’re definitely judging you based on it. Our Heart Bong 2.0 was us “Virgo-ing out” on one of our most popular bongs - watch the video of Amanda describing all of the changes we made! Virgos, this one's for you. A perfect bong for the perfectionist sign!

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Libra - Crystal Bong

Crystal Bong Pink Libra Scale Balance Zodiac Girl


Libras are tastemakers and often lumped in with their Earth-sign sisters, Virgos. Let’s dispel that myth. Where Virgos want perfection in order, Libras want the best-of-the best. Virgos are a straightened photo and a tidy room, Libras are a balanced scale and refined style. Catch them researching the best restaurants anywhere they travel, scouting out a steal at an antique shop, and reading the best-dressed lists. We think Libras will love our Crystal Bong, balancing it out with our Pink Diamond Jewel Bowl. What is more Libra than a bong that looks like cut-crystal itself? This has to be one of the fanciest bongs out there, perfect for the true Libra.

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Scorpio - Celestial Bong

Girly Celestial Bong Sun Moon Stars Scorpio Zodiac Scorpion Girl

Scorpios are a mystical and shadowy sign. Sometimes difficult to pin down, they are marked by their creative and spiritual nature. Edgy, emotional, and dark - if there was a band that embodied Scorpio's nature, it would be the Cure. Put on some dark eyeliner, vibe in your bedroom to “Just Like Heaven,” and make some art with this Celestial Glow-in-the-Dark Bong. The perfect accessory to a late night creative session to get inspired, no matter your medium, or tap into your spiritual abilities with some tarot. 

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Sagittarius - Lava Lamp Bong

Girly Lava Lamp Bong Hearts Sagittarius Zodiac Girl

Sagittarius - seekers of new places and experiences! You’re effortlessly magnetic and people enjoy your company naturally. Your humor and excitement for learning makes you a great friend and naturally creative person. Sometimes this excitement can make you seem flakey, often more excited by a new project than committed to your current pursuits. We chose this Lava Lamp Bong, a fun and unique piece for the fun, free-spirit that you are. Peek inside for little lava-hearts, melting and changing like the adaptable Sagittarius does everyday. Light up as you morph and mold into life’s next challenge or creative pursuit.

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Capricorn - Canna Style Pretty in Pink Bong

Canna Style Pretty in Pink Bong

If one word could describe Capricorn, it would be “hustle.” Capricorns are A-students. Goal-oriented. Ambitious. Capricorns need a no-nonsense, streamlined piece when they sesh before a mega-productivity session. Whether they’re starting a new business, trading crypto, or doing whatever you do with NFTs - this bong will be a trusty companion beside them at their desk. This is why we chose our Canna Style Pretty in Pink Bong. We think a Capricorn would respect our founder, Amanda’s hustle. Plus, they’ll love the functionality and sleekness of the crown-jewel piece of the Canna Style brand!

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Aquarius - Dreamy Cloud Bong

Dreamy Cloud Bong Girly Bong Aquarius Girl Sea Water Zodiac

Often confused for a water sign, Aquarius is actually an air sign! Clever and self-reliant, Aquarius are deeply in touch with themselves and the world around them. They’re constantly exploring big moral, philosophical, and spiritual questions (they probably LOVED the Good Place). They consider themselves unique beings, but embrace the similarities rather than the differences of the people around them. People who don’t understand them might accuse them of having a bleeding heart or having their head in the clouds. We think their imagination is their strength - keep your head in the clouds with our Dreamy Cloud Bong. The vivid sky blue color with little white clouds dotted over the entire bong will speak to your air-sign sensibilities.

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Pisces - Mini Heart Unbreakable Bong (glow-in-the-dark)

Mini Heart Unbreakable Bong Glow in the Dark

The weepiest of the water signs, Pisces, feel big emotions quickly. At their best, they’re intensely sympathetic - they might even call themselves an empath. While they try hard to please everyone around them, they can get frustrated when they don’t feel it reciprocated. We thought Pisces deserved a bong that can handle their fragile sensibilities without breaking, so we chose our glow-in-the-dark Unbreakable Mini Heart Bong. The durable silicone mold literally can’t break! The little glow-in-the-dark heart will hopefully warm a Pisces heart when they’re feeling the burden of feeling their feelings so hard. It’s okay, sweetie. Get some ice cream and have a good cry while you hit this bong.

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