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Color: Green

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  • This cute mushroom piece is cross between a mini bong and pipe, resulting in smoother puffs for joint lovers
  • How to use:
    • Add a little water
    • Insert joint into the large opening
    • Place finger on carb on top
    • Inhale through the lefthand tube and see the smoke fill the chamber
    • Release the carb, inhale again and enjoy cool filtered smoke
    • 2.5" tall
    • Cones not included
    • Clean like any other glass piece, such as isopropyl alcohol or 420 cleaner
    • Intended for tobacco use only

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 20 reviews
      A Must Have for Any Collection

      If you don’t have a joint bubbler in your collection, they are a necessity. I use mine very frequently and sometimes I’ll put it in the freezer for about 10-30 minutes before use for an amazing experience. I dropped it on concrete from several feet up and there’s not even a noticeable chip or scratch.

      Wootie Woo
      Definitely a conversation starter

      I love bringing this to a smoke circle. Ppl always think it’s so cool but the best part is I don’t have to put my mouth where everyone else’s mouth has been and my pull isn’t as harsh so I don’t have to cough like everyone else. The hole where the J goes could be a bit bigger but still LOVE this piece

      Cindy Mach
      Great product

      I love the size of this item. Really great quality product. I love it for smoking Js and Ds because my lungs can’t stand the direct smoke inhalation. Super easy to use. Cleaning is a little hard bc of the narrow tubes BUT you can use a spoolie to get in those crevices and my typical method of cleaning with alcohol in a ziplock bag hasn’t presented too many trouble. This a great way to incorporate Js and Ds into your cannabis usage if harsh smoke inhalation has been a concern for you. :)

      Cute Little Mushroom!

      I love it so much! It's just as pictured and works great! It didn't come with instructions or anything but it's pretty self-explanatory. It also came with some fun stickers which I appreciate!

      Courtney Perdue
      My most used piece right now!

      It's so easy just to pop in your joint and smoke up real quick. I need to be able to take my "mommy breaks" quickly with minimal clean up. This adorable little mushroom is perfect!