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Introducing a mini version of one of our best selling bongs, perfect for who like their smoke pieces cute and and portable. This bong features swirled glass that extends throughout the entire length of the bong. And an iridescent finish allows the swirls to catch the light and reflect all the colors of the rainbow.

8 inches tall. 

Built-in ice catcher .

Ships with everything you need to start smoking, downstem and 14mm Male Bowl/Slide included. 

Made of heavy and durable borosilicate glass.

Intended for tobacco use

Customer Reviews

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Rebeca Radford
Iridescent bong

Love so cute and perfect size


This was my first ever bong, and I couldn't be happier. I have an unhealthy obsession with Labyrinth and when I spotted this lil girl (named her Sarah) I had to buy her. She just looked like something the Goblin King made... But enough on that!

She's a great first/introductory piece! She's beautiful inside the house or in the sunlight where she really gleams. Tale her out for a nature session! Her compact size makes her easy to store/stash and she's gorgeous enough to display as well. Despite the smaller size, she hits smoothly, and yes she has the lil dimples for ice to further cool your smoke and make the experience even more enjoyable. Neither the slide or bowl stick, and super easy to clean with a little kosher salt and 90% rubbing alc. If you find that either stick, try a little dab of coconut oil to lube the glass pieces.

The packaging was great and discreet. Lots of bubble wrap and each component was individually wrapped. I ordered a rolling tray as well, and it came with fun stickers. 11/10 would recommend. ♥️


It came super fast, and was shipped very well!!

Bailey Brenneman
The cutest bong ever!

I fell in love with this bong as soon as I saw it, and knew I needed to have it! I’ve been wanting my own mini bong for a while now and this was the perfect one to buy! I was finally able to use it last night (was on a tolerance break for a while) and I LOVE it! Highly recommend this beauty <3

Mayzie Rosenthal
Mini bong

Thank you so much for this replacement, it’s beautiful and works great!!