UNBREAKABLE GALAXY BONG (glow in the dark)

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This bong is made from FDA silicone material so it will never break! Printed in a purple and black galaxy print, this bong also glows in the dark!

Charge this piece under a light bulb for a few minutes to get the glow-in-the-dark effect. 

10 inches tall.

Comes ready to start smoking, silicone downstem and 14mm male glass slide/bowl included. 

Intended for tobacco use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Kelsey Bowman

I absolutely love this bong it's awesome and glows very well

AJ Twaddle
Beautiful and durable!

Absolutely love this! I unfortunately broke a glass piece a few weeks ago but this is a much better replacement for those of us a little too clumsy.

Chrystal McGovern

I have purchased many bongs over the years. Sadly I have a major problem with breaking them. Last year I spent quite a bit of money on one just for it to get broken within days. This is the perfect solution if you are a walking disaster like me. I've knocked it over several times already and have that panic of OMG I broke it then I remember it's UNBREAKABLE! Even the stem is silicone so literally the only thing I can break would be the bowl but I have extras. It looks so awesome when it glows. I have a blacklight flashlight so I hit it with that and all the white spots glow for a bit. Also I didn't realize when I ordered that I was ordering from a woman run business because I just did a Google search and found this one and immediately had to have it. I was so excited to see that Canna Style is a woman run business. There just are not enough 420 items geared toward women and it was an incredibe to have just stumbled upon it. I highly recommend and will definitely be getting something else again soon.

Alexis Collins

This bong is nice because you can travel stress free of anything breaking! Very happy with my purchase.


The second bong we got like this and we love it <3