How to Roll a Joint Like a French Girl (in 10 Steps)

How to Roll a Joint Like a French Girl (in 10 Steps)

If you watched Emily in Paris and immediately got wanderlust, this one’s for you. If you wear a beret regularly and unironically, this one’s for you. If you hold your j’s between your index and middle finger and gaze into the distance while you smoke, this one’s for you.

Being a “French Girl” isn’t "geolocationally" specific, it’s a state of mind. Enjoy a long drag at a cafe with a cappuccino or with a glass of wine while you put records on and the breeze blows in from your open balcony doors. French girlies (and all of those who identify with the mindset), you’ll never look like a buffoon when the rolling papers come out again. Impress all your new friends in Paris with your slick rolling techniques.

Step One: Grind It

Step One: Grind It; a Canna Style brand grinder surrounded by flowers

Grind your flower. You want it fine enough that air will pass through, but still a tiny bit chunky and sticky. Use a CannaStyle grinder for best results ;)

Step Two: Filters (optional but helpful!)

Step Two: Filters; prerolled filters next to a diagram of how to fold a filter

If you have prerolled filters on hand, tada! This step is done. Grab one. If not and you would like to roll your own, fold half of the filter in an accordion-like zig-zag pattern for half of the filter and press it together. Roll the other half of the filter around the compressed zig-zag so it forms a tube around it.

Step Three: Fold Your Paper

Step Three: Fold Your Paper in Half; a folded joint paper

Pull out a paper and fold it along it’s natural crease. Pull out a rolling tray or at least use a clean, clear flat surface underneath.

Step Four: Filter & Flower

Step Four: Place Your Filter and Fill with Flower; a paper filled with flowers and the joint filter

Place your filter at one end and sprinkle in a line of flower from one end to the filter. Try to evenly distribute the best you can, but it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Step Five: Pinch, Lick, and Twirl

Step Five: Pinch, Lick, & Twirl; a cartoon woman in a beret rolls a joint

Pinch the paper in half. Don't worry if some flower falls out as long as you have a tray or flat surface underneath. Lick the long end of the paper that has a little line of glue and twirl the paper back and forth in your fingers to even out the flower.

Step Six: Move Flower to the Bottom in a Line

Step Six: Move Flower to the Bottom in a Line; a diagram of rolling a joint

Shimmy the paper down so the flower sits in a line just covered by the short end of the paper. The short end should be the end without the glue and the long end with the glue. 

Step Seven: Roll Your J

Step Seven: Roll Your J

Roll it over itself and under towards the long end with the glue. Don't worry if flower falls out, you can stuff it back in before you twist up your joint.

Step Eight: Twist Tip & Lick Closed

Step 8: Twist Tip & Lick Closed

Lick the glue end again and press it to the paper until it is stuck. If it isn’t sticking, lick it until it does. Give it a final lick to seel it. If any flower fell out, pack it in via the opening without the filter until it is stiff enough that it holds its shape without any empty areas, but isnt too packed that air won’t readily flow through. Once it’s packed, twist the tip into a point. If its too long, pinch off the top and remove the excess if you wish to.

Step Nine: Light & Enjoy!

Step Nine: Light and Enjoy; a french girl enjoys a joint

You’ve earned it! You may be asking, what makes this technique “french”? It is when you use our French Rose Rolling Papers! Apart of our new collection…

Step Ten: Go Buy the Stoners in Paris Collection!

Step 10: Go Buy the Stoners in Paris Collection

Celebrate a successful joint with some new glass or accessories! You’ll say “ooh la la” when you see our new additions to the Canna Style family!


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