PINEAPPLE BONG with matching pineapple bowl

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  • This pineapple bong is sure to be a show stopper at your next smoke sesh
  • Made of durable borosilicate glass
  • Includes matching Pineapple Bowl
  • 7.5" tall
  • Clean like any other glass piece, such as isopropyl alcohol or 420 cleaner
  • Intended for tobacco use only


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Lay C
Pineapple bong

It’s so cute and just the right size. It’s the size of a plastic water bottle. It even got knocked over once and survived. I love it.

Sherry Jones
Groovy hits

I’m diggin’ them Groovy hits off this pretty pineapple bong! It has taken me to the next level of happiness.

Charming, decorative and functional

I just love this thing. It’s so pretty and works like a dream.

pineapple redux

I received my pineapple bong in a timely fashion and in good order. One thing that I like to see in any glass pipe is its weight. Nice solid piece. The wide base adds stability too. The tube which the bowl or banger sits in (joint??) is connected to the amber pineapple body with two connections. Good design as this makes the tube less likely to break off or fail. Sharp looking bong. When I purchase a pipe (most often water pipes) I also look at it not only as a smoking device but also as a piece of artwork. A far cry from my days at university when I constructed a water pipe from an erlenmeyer beaker, glass tubing, a cork, leaf bowl, and a rubber hose (my misspent youth). I have to say this demonstrates a case of form and function coinciding. Oh yeh, I put the pipe thru its paces. Cool, easy draw. Thanx for the extra bowl. The banger was a bit too large for one or two smokers. Cheers

M. Alvarez

I loved this piece so much for the short amount of time I owned. Unfortunately my clumsy @$$ knocked it over and broke it 🥺 after only having it for a little over a week but it was perfect nit too big not too small and it was simply adorable. Already ordered another piece.