PEACH CONES (8-pack)

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-Don't know how to roll a joint? Then we have the perfect solution for you. Just fill the cones with your herbs, twist the end and there you have it, a pretty joint!

-You will received 1 box containing 8 Peach Print pre-rolled cones, these are UNFLAVORED!

-Cones are shipped empty for you to fill with your favorite herbs at home

-Slow burning paper

-Cones are shipped empty for you to fill with your favorite herbs at home

-Intended for tobacco use


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Olivia Richter
the loml

i cannot roll for shit and these are absolute lifesavers. they fit sm and are easy to pack, so cute + burn so well. everyone is obsessed with them and i will absolutely be buying more. literally go buy them rn you will not regret it.

Johanna Jarry
My New favorite

These are the best cones! I bought the Raw Six Shooter and they fill like a dream! Super cute designs, burn slow and great quality! I can’t wait to order more!

Ashley Hamilton
So Cute!

These cones are king size, with no defects, and they're adorable. They smoke great I've used 3 or 4 so far and I havent had a single joint that runs at all, they all burn even and relatively slow which is great cause i hate when i feel like im in a race with my joint. and again, theyre SO CUTE! My names Ashley but I've never liked having such a popular name because I'm a peculiar (some would say weird) one of a kind person, so for years I've actually gone by Peach.. so to get these cones was a total delight.

Natalia Richards

These peach cones are to die for! They look just as cute in person and I like to use them as my nicer cones for when friends come over.

Brittany Barton

Slow burning and smooth. Straight up the cutest joints I've ever had.