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PEACH CONES (8-pack)


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-Don't know how to roll a joint? Then we have the perfect solution for you. Just fill the cones with your herbs, twist the end and there you have it, a pretty joint!

-You will received 1 box containing 8 Peach Print pre-rolled cones, these are UNFLAVORED!

-Cones are shipped empty for you to fill with your favorite herbs at home

-Slow burning paper

-Cones are shipped empty for you to fill with your favorite herbs at home

-Intended for tobacco use


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Ashley Hamilton
So Cute!

These cones are king size, with no defects, and they're adorable. They smoke great I've used 3 or 4 so far and I havent had a single joint that runs at all, they all burn even and relatively slow which is great cause i hate when i feel like im in a race with my joint. and again, theyre SO CUTE! My names Ashley but I've never liked having such a popular name because I'm a peculiar (some would say weird) one of a kind person, so for years I've actually gone by Peach.. so to get these cones was a total delight.

Natalia Richards

These peach cones are to die for! They look just as cute in person and I like to use them as my nicer cones for when friends come over.

Brittany Barton

Slow burning and smooth. Straight up the cutest joints I've ever had.

Cozy in foco
Slow burning and so cute

These peach cones are adorable! Super slow burningm cute and make me feel cute af when smoking.

Jessica Rosales
Super cute!!!

They are super cute! I got a lot of compliments on them but they did burn a little too fast for me, but other than that they were great.