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This elegant cone shaped bubbler, stands at 7” tall. Features an opaque glass at the top for a modern look and transparent glass at the bottom so you can see the water inside. 

Built-in downstem and shower head percolator for superior smoke filtration and smoother hits. 

Comes ready to start smoking out of the box, clear 14mm male bowl included. 

Butterfly bowl sold separately here.

Heart bowl sold separately here.

Intended for tobacco use. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
P. E.
Just buy it!

This bong is so cute, unique, and so well-made. My apartment is very dark modern with some mid-century influence and this piece looks amazing sitting on my coffee table. It’s a work of art. I love the milk glass look and the contrasting smokey glass. It’s the perfect size too; small enough to be easily and securely held so I have no fear of dropping it or anything. It’s not cumbersome like some larger bongs can be. It hits smoothly too and is such a conversation piece. I’ve recommended cannastyle to family and friends and my husband has already purchased a second bong for me from cannastyle (the rainbow cloud one, which is also amazing)! Just buy it, you won’t regret owning such a cool piece!!

Jacob Saul
First Bong, amazing experience.

Just took my first hit and i cannot find a single bad thing to say about this product. It came 2 days earlier than i expected, it came with cool stickers, the piece looks amazing (perfectly small and portable) and the smoking experience is 11/10.

K Ensor

This bong is so beautiful and hits like a champ! I love the smaller mouthpiece, you definitely look more delicate using it than with a traditional bong. Highly recommend.

Mia del Valle

Classy, cute, and casual! I absolutely love how sleek this piece is. And the hits are so smooth. Would recommend to others!

Alexandra D
Prettiest bong there ever was

I am obsessed. To me it is the perfect size to hold in your hand and it also acts a very aesthetically pleasing piece to have out on display between smoking sessions. I paired mine with the butterfly bowl piece, and it could not be cuter! Can’t wait to expand my collection!