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The bong of the future! This bong lights up from within. Use the included remote control to choose from 15 different colors. You can light up one color at a time, or choose from 4 different changing color patterns. In daylight, the metallic silver rainbow coating glistens and gleams.

The LED light insert is removable from the bottom of the bong; we suggest using something like a pair of scissors or letter opener to pop it out. Twist open the LED light to put in the 3 AAA Batteries required. Batteries included for orders within the USA. 

Size: 14" tall

Made of glass.

Intended for tobacco use. 

Batteries included for orders shipped within the USA only. Batteries not included for orders shipped internationally. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Hannah Pewee
Stunning! Gorgeous gorgeous girls love the LED Light-Up Bong!

This is truly a stunning piece! It's super pretty even when not lit-up, and looks exactly as pictured. I love how many settings the lights have - you can alternate between strobing lights, fading lights, single colors, and change the speed that lights change!

My only complaint is that this thing definitely eats up batteries. I've owned it for 3 weeks now, used it for probably 3-5 sessions, and have had to replace all the batteries three times. I recommend removing the batteries from the LED light when not in use, otherwise you could end up with it not working the next time you use it.

Jazmine Pope
So cool!! Buy it if you’re thinking about it!!

This is the coolest piece I’ve ever owned for sure. Even when the lights are off, it’s shiny and dynamic, but once you turn the lights on it goes up 10 notches, my little caveman brain fell in love instantly. Fun little aside: the remote somehow started syncing up with the LED lights in my living room, and now I can use one remote to make the whole vibe totally awesome!! Thanks again for the amazing product. And the stickers too!!! <333

Kinda pink, but so pretty 😍

Bought this as a xmas gift for a guy friend, but ended up keeping it because the iridescence is a pink-based chrome. I couldn't tell from the IG post and thought it was a true silver. That said, once the lights are on, you can't tell and it is whatever color you set it to. It's GORGEOUS and I'm happy to keep it.

Ryan Murphy

Once again, I’m amazed at the work that these ladies do! I’m so proud that I get to support an amazing small business like this.

reagan rogers
My favorite bong I’ve ever hit

Not only is the bong just stunning, but it’s so smooth to hit! All of my friends have been instantly obsessed with it and now I have the coolest bong around. 10/10!!!