MINI MUSHROOM BONG (glow in the dark)

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This Canna Style exclusive bong is designed for smokers who love mini pieces and shroomy vibes. The mushrooms glow in the dark, adding some trippy fun to your night time sesh. 

The prints are baked into the glass, so they will not fade or peel. 

Charge this piece under a light bulb for a few minutes to get the glow-in-the-dark effect. 

Size: 8" tall, easy to hold. Wide flat base helps you avoid tipping it over. 

Made of durable borosilicate glass.

Intended for tobacco use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
So cute and functional!

This is my first bong so I wanted to keep it small and this was the perfect size! The design is also so cute and it is easy to use and store.

Mackenzie Oberst
Love ittt

It's so cuteeeee. Very good quality! Just be aware that it is small so the bowl is closer to your face/hair (if you have longer hair).


The mouth piece didn’t fit so I will not be buying from here again

I love it, but...

For those of us with long hair, even a little long its hard not to singe your luscious locks when the bowl is less than 2 inches away from your forehead. The glow also isnt the best and its one of the main reasons i bought the bong. Ive bumped it around and knocked it over (not falling onto pavement type treatment mind you) and it holds up really well much like a lot of their other works. All in all, it's got its flaws but its a nice piece.

hot stoner girl
my favorite item

super cute, mushrooms glow in the dark, ICE CUBE HOLDER 😍 this is my favorite cannastyle piece of all time