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This bong features swirled glass that extends throughout the entire length of the bong. And an iridescent finish allows the swirls to catch the light and reflect all the colors of the rainbow.

Built-in ice catcher .

Ships with everything you need to start smoking, downstem and 14mm Male Bowl/Slide included. Pink bowl not included.

Made of heavy and durable borosilicate glass. 12" tall. 

Intended for tobacco use

Customer Reviews

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Hope Miller
soo pretty

this piece is gorgeous in the sunlight. my heart shattered when i dropped it off the table and to my surprise it actually did not damage it at all. also super easy to clean


I love this bong. It’s gorgeous, exactly like the picture, and I use it every day. The only issue i’ve had is that when it knocked over, the stem on the bowl snapped off, as well as that sometimes when I try to pull the bowl out, the down stem comes with it. I love this cute bong and I’m coming here next time I’m interested in buying.

Lidia Goldberg
Best bong ever.

I fucking love this bong. It's gorgeous and hits so smoothly!! I wish I knew it didn't come with a stem and bowl but wasn't a problem as I just grabbed one at my local smoke shop!

@Ribonatchi ♥
VERY cool, crisp hits with ice!

First of all, this looks GORGEOUS in the sunlight!! The glass glistens a spectrum of colors and the smoke or vapor that you use travels upward in a "twisting DNA" type of look. This piece is going to get so much love in the summer when the sun rays are nice and strong! ► As for functionality, this piece is just right! The combination of the downstem in cold water + ice + a decent amount of height = Chilled, smooth and easy to handle hits. This item also has a very sturdy and stable base, so after accidentally bumping it into a table or desk, it hadn't chipped or shown any signs of damage. It's decently hard to tip over as well. I purchased this piece when I specifically wanted an ice catcher, and this fits the bill! :) I get super fresh hits with ice and if you plan it right, you can use just enough cold water to cover the downstem when you begin your session, and there will be room for the excess water when the ice melts throughout your session. This water piece barely uses any water by the way! It was a nice change from my clear piece on the far right (the 7" tall piece) that needs a significant amount of water to cover the downstem. 5/5 rating from me!

Emily Santen

Had for over a year now and works so great. Great size and is super pretty in the daylight with all the colors, highly recommend!!